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Jackpot Party Casino – Daily Bonuses & Free Coins

Jackpot Party Casino provides players with free coins in many ways!

Once per day, you can spin your Daily Bonus Wheel to earn big rewards. This daily bonus awards you a large sum with the opportunity to win millions of free coins! The three factors of your Daily Bonus Wheel are the Daily Bonus, Return Bonus, and Friend Bonus that when added together complete your Total Bonus for the day. The Return Bonus is based on how many consecutive days you return to the game, with a maximum of 7 days. The Friend Bonus is based on how many of your Facebook friends that play our game. Be sure to play every day to win more free coins!

In addition to your Daily Bonus Wheel, we offer a smaller collection every 4 hours throughout the day. This Timed Bonus is located in the lower right portion of the main lobby with a visible countdown timer. Collecting these free coins throughout the day will boost your bankroll so you can keep spinning our authentic, free slot machines!

Keep an eye on our Facebook community page, where we offer even more free coins to collect so you can spin your favorite casino games for big wins! Make sure your notification settings are turned on so you never miss out on our daily bonuses and free coins!

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