Fix the error of not getting into Coin Master

o fix connection error of Coin Master, the error of being stuck, frozen in Coin Master … Please follow the instructions in this article to fix these errors.

Coin Master has been a popular game on the App Store and CHPlay charts recently. The game has caused gamers to rush back and forth to find ways to find free spins in Coin Master to hurry up and level up as well, besides bringing as many of their friends into play to . smash people’s homes. .

And recently, there have been many gamers who have kept their friends silent, and have not focused on making a spin for one reason – the error cannot enter the game. The error of not getting into Coin Master has many causes, some errors will display the cause and there will be errors you will not see any cause.

At times like this, gamers only have to find a way to block their Coin Master friends to prevent them from breaking into the house. Or log out of Coin Master and try on Coin Master PC to see if you can access it. To fix a few errors in Coin Master, you can look through the instructions below to fix Coin Master errors that are suspended, disconnected, unloaded, frozen …

Instructions to fix frozen or stuck in Coin Master Android

If Coin Master fails, it loses connection (Connection Lost), hangs, fails to load, or behaves abnormally. You can follow the steps below to fix Coin Master Android errors.

Step 1: First, make sure you exit Coin Master. Then reboot your device, update to the latest version of Coin Master, and start the game.

If you still get these errors, completely exit Coin Master and go to Settings > select Apps and notifications or Apps section > select Coin Master in the application list.

Step 2: In the application information interface, click Memory > select Clear cache .

Now go inside the game and try to see if the Coin Master still has an error. If it doesn’t work, go to the Application Information menu > Memory again and select Delete Memory. Then launch Coin Master.

How to fix crashes, freezes in Coin Master Android

On Coin Master iPhone, you only have one way to remove the application and reload from the beginning. This is also the way you can do it on Android because it usually fixes most of the problems you encounter in Coin Master.

If you find this necessary, do it, because everything you have achieved in Coin Master is saved to your Facebook account. 

Regarding Connection Lost error, if you check the network and find that the network is slow, please switch to another Wifi network or use 3G / 4G to access Coin Master again.

Above are some ways to fix Coin Master errors quite simply on the phone. If you have done the above fix but still not fix the error. You can contact the Coin Master support team by following the link here to contact them and get support.