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Cat A Coin

Cat A Coin

The description of Cat A Coin App

Cat A Coin
An addictive and simple coin collecting game with a twist.
Help your cute kitty cat collect coins and earn points to go to next level.
It sounds simple enough, isn’t it?
But, there’s a twist…….
Your cat can collect only those coins that you will tell her by selecting coins. There are 3 different coins in this game with different points that can be collected.
> Bronze = 50 points,
> Silver = 100 points and
> Gold = 200 points.
You have to these coins and earn minimum 2500 points in each level to unlock next levels.
But, you can only collect coins by selecting those coins using left (refresh/change) button, which will highlight and tell your cat to collect those coins.
You can tell your cat to jump using right (up arrow) button

If you think this is easy, then just give it a try…….

Have fun and enjoy…….

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